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Our Process

Shortly after Nashville businessman John Murphy came to know the Lord, he heard a speaker at a missions conference say that pastors in Africa share their Bibles. They rip them into sections, tape them up and circulate them with their friends. As a new believer, he couldn’t fathom a pastor leading a church without the full Bible. To him, it was like only knowing part of Jesus, not the whole. So he took action and Spread The Word was born. Spread The Word makes sure that every leader in African Leadership’s theological education program has a Study Bible and the necessary course curriculum for their training.

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Our History

Our mission is to serve the children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty, while defending the United States of America. ASC has three points of service for the children of our fallen: Birthday Celebrations, Mentorship Programs / Camps, and College Scholarships

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Our Values

GraceWorks Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1995, when area concerned citizens and faith leaders came together and decided Williamson County needed a central place to send people who needed help with food, clothing and financial assistance. By pooling church resources with private and public sectors, GraceWorks was able to provide more help for many needs to better serve our community, rather than duplicating efforts

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